Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well it seems that I may just have to be moving soon. I have lived with two other roommates in a 3 bedroom apartment but have constantly been trying to find a permanent 3rd roommate. We've had 2 in the last year and we're finding trouble finding another one right now. Me and my roommate decided to just move to a 2 bedroom and that way we won't have to worry about it. We got lucky because the owner of the building has a couple apartments up for rent across the street from where we are now. The only bad thing is that we won't have that ocean view anymore :( I don't mind moving since the building is close but just the fact that we'll have to go up and down a flight of stairs to move is a pain. We have 2 weeks to move, hopefully that's enough time.


images via weheartit
Another good thing about moving is that the building we'll be moving to has solar panels so the electricity and heat bill is waaaay cheap.
I wish I didn't own so many things. I might have to sell a few pieces of Ikea furniture that I don't need.


  1. I hate packing but I love being a new space. I hope you're new place is awesome and have fun moving ;)

  2. Thanks. It will definitely be smaller but I guess that makes it home-y-er? Homey-er? We currently don't even use the living room.