Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'm so over moving. Right now I'm moving boxes by myself in my tiny 2 door car. My classes are early in the morning so I get the rest of the day to move. I usually make about 3 trips then I'm exhausted. It's definitely because I have to lug everything up a flight of stairs. I'm trying to move all of the little tedious things then have my friends help me move the big furniture and boxes. My strategy has been filling up 3 big plastic bins and emptying them in the new place, then repeat. I could probably recruit friends to help but I feel uncomfortable about asking for the help. I'm kind of weird like that. I still have a ways to go and I have until Wednesday to do it. I've decided that after this move is over, I'm so going to purge A LOT of my junk! I really want my home to look like this.

No fair, I can't believe Katherine Heigl didn't come back for a few more episodes of Grey's Anatomy before really leaving. It feels so unresolved now :(

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