Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where has the timed passed? I've been pretty busy with the holidays ans spending time with friends and family. My little sister is in town and that has been fun. Also, I managed to take a part time position at my old job while I'm in town for winter break. I actually have been working in the day and spending time with friends and family at night. I did finally changed my playlist music and I've fallen in love with this band and this song that is currently playing.
What is your current band/song obsession? I always love hearing new music and bands.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

It's Cold Outside!

I know, I live in Southern California and I should be the last person to be complaining about the cold. But maybe that's why I complain. I'm used to the warm weather and as soon as it hits 40 and below, I feel like my bones are going to crack. With that, I realized I only have one really good pea coat. My sister gave it to me years ago and got it at Old Navy. I love it, it does it's job but it's just black. I want a new coat but I need the "perfect" new coat. Here is my "ode" to coats.

Sources all from WeHeartIt.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 More Days!

I've declared that 2010 will be my most productive year. I'm going to do a big update for my Etsy shop in January. I'm so excited! I'll be adding more items and finally some of my prints. I will have a lot of time on my hands this coming month since I'll only be taking one class. (Thank you to too many students and not enough classes to go around!) Anywho, I'll be graduating in August so I'm really going to start working on my portfolio and shoot what I want to do for a living. I really want to shoot bands and concerts. Wouldn't that be awesome?! I have to start making connections and apply for internships. I just feel like I've been in school and I just rode the wave and now I'm here with still not a lot of experience and I need to change that. I just have to keep positive and busy. Here's to 2010!!!
I got sooo much done today. I'm done with everyone's gifts, decorations...done, finished editing my baby cousin's pictures and now I'll be working on some headbands and put together my Style School folder. I love winter break!

I also need to got grocery shopping for my X-Mas dinner. Here is some inspiration from WeHeartIt for creative ways to use food this holiday season.

And I plan to make a bunch of these for everyone:

James from Bleubird Vintage shows you how to make them here. Yummy!

Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's been a few days since my last post. My weekend has been pretty uneventful but this week I'll be busy wrapping a few presents and setting up for my much anticipated (at least by me) after X-Mas dinner with my sisters and best friends. Tomorrow I will be shooting my friend and his baseball team play at Dodger Stadium. That should be fun. Ever since I started school, I had decided that I wanted to be a sports photographer and shoot for the Dodgers. Well, I won't be shooting for the Dodgers tomorrow but I will be shooting at Dodgers Stadium. It's okay though, I don't want to be a sports photographer anymore.

Anyway, I stumbled upon another awesome tutorial over at zakka life. It's a genius idea for gifts and the pouch can be used year after year. I might decide to do this for next year.
Eco Christmas Gift Wrap

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend !

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

So here it is, my tree that I got for $20 at Big Lots. It's only 4 feet but it works. It came already set up with lights and I added some colorful ones also.

The only other time I had a cat and a Christmas tree at the same time was 3 years ago when my cat "Jack" was a kitten. He didn't mind it. Now that we have "Batman" in our lives, he's made us a bit paranoid on what he can do to furniture and trees. At first, he deceives you into thinking he's just admiring the tree...
...and then this happens...
Almost looks like he's trying to use the tree as a toothpick. And then "Jack" decides to join in on the fun.

Here's my garland that I've been working on. It turned out great, except for the fact that I forgot I was going to make it hang twice so the bottom part of the garland faces the wall. Duh!

I really wanted to make stockings but I did not have enough time between classes and shooting assignments. These will do, until next year.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Merry Christmas To Me

There's about a week and a half left until X-Mas gets here. How exciting! I went to UO the other day to see what they had on sale and they had a Diana camera for $30! I snatched it up quick. I can't wait to use it and see how the pictures come out.

Isn't it pretty? I always wanted the black with turquoise but it is still expensive. I like this one though, when you take off the lens, it turns into a pinhole camera. Earlier that day I went to the thrift store and bought another Polaroid camera for 99cents! I love when that happens. And it works really well.

It used to be a camera for Slim Fast because it had the stickers everywhere. All I did was cover them up with deco tape and I plan to take pictures of my friends for our post X-Mas dinner.

Sorry for the short post but I have to get back to getting ready for my finals. Wednesday is my deadline to turn in all work and after that, I'm pretty much home free. I'll make another post on the tree that I got for $20. It's only 4 feet but it works.

These are my X-Mas lights. I did the heart effect with a filter for my lens out of construction paper.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

X-Mas Tutorials

Hello there. About 2 weeks left till Christmas...eeek! I'm not that panicked though as I have most of my presents done. Does anyone have a good source on how to crochet small stars? I was following a youtube video but they keep looking like circles. Oh well.
Anywho, here are some sweet X-Mas craft tutorials that I've stumbled on the web.

Crochet Christmas Ornaments via Craftstylish

I'm going to enjoy making these.
Gingerbread Man Puppets via Craftstylish

And Holiday Bird Ornaments by The Purl Bee

Have a happy Thursday. I hope there's a new episode of Grey's Anatomy tonight. :)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Prep and Landing

Hi everyone! Tonight's the night! A Charlie Brown Christmas will be on and also Disney's Prep and Landing. I think everyone should watch it because I think it will be funny and cute. Oh, and also my boyfriend worked on it heehee. I'm so proud of him because he worked so hard to get where he is and loves what he does for a living. It all starts at 8 p.m. PST on ABC.
Let me know what you thought of it, if you see it.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sometimes Sweet Giveaway!

I recently discovered this blog through A Beautiful Mess. It has become an instant favorite and right now. She has awesome style and also right now she is having a giveaway. Hop on over to her blog and enter to win this cute clutch and gloves.

And in keeping with my Christmas theme all month long, here are a few of Danielle's pictures putting up the Christmas tree.

Friday, December 4, 2009

I'm in Los Angeles for the weekend for 3 photo shoots. While I'm here I decided to make my boyfriend's place a little more Christmas-y without spending a lot of money. So I went to the 99 cent store and came up with this:

And I also picked up a few stockings. I was impressed with what they had. I might go back for Christmas lights. I'm also working on a garland to decorate his living room with. Heehee, I know he'll like it. He better.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

My Home

My new roommate seems to be really hardcore into Christmas. I wasn't planning on decorating or putting up a tree this year because even though I've lived in my apartment for a year now, it still doesn't feel like home. It may be because I know I'll move out in six months. Anyway, my roommate went all out and got a tree and decorations. It does make the place feel more homey and puts me more into the Christmas spirit. Here are some pictures to show you what it looks like.

This is sitting on our dining room table.

The first present I gone done. I just finished my other sister's present also.

I've also been working on wreaths for my friends and I also got those done today. As soon as I got out of class, I got to working on presents.

Now I have to get ready to go to my other class. No fun, it's from 8-10:30 p.m. and it's business class.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Countdown to Christmas

Hi everyone! I got back from Texas Sunday morning. This Thanksgiving felt so much nicer and less drama filled. My mom had just come back from visiting Jerusalem and Italy and brought back some awesome souvenirs. We had a lot of family over and two turkeys! We only dug into one, though. At some point, I was trying to teach my mom to crochet and she just could not get it. Sadly, we left on Saturday and drove all the way back to L.A. to drop of the rental car.
It's December 1st and I'm pretty excited about it. I want this Christmas to be different in the way that I want all my friends to get together so we can have a potluck dinner with cupcakes and pies and all the other trimmings. This month, I'm hoping to have most of my posts Christmas related to count down the holidays. Today, I'm starting with some decorating inspiration.
(Click on images to view credit and sources)

I really want a white or silver tree. Don't they look awesome? Have a happy December 1st.