Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where has the timed passed? I've been pretty busy with the holidays ans spending time with friends and family. My little sister is in town and that has been fun. Also, I managed to take a part time position at my old job while I'm in town for winter break. I actually have been working in the day and spending time with friends and family at night. I did finally changed my playlist music and I've fallen in love with this band and this song that is currently playing.
What is your current band/song obsession? I always love hearing new music and bands.


  1. Reallly like it! Thanx for the heads up!
    Wish I would have seen them in Solana Beach!

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  3. Oooh! I like them! My band obsession right now has to be The Long Blondes. ;D
    Also, I love your blog and noticed the thingy in the left hand corner. By following the link and finding the code I was able to break it so you don't have that thing in the corner. I mean, one ad is enough in the side bar. They don't need things popping up all over the place. Tell me if you would like the code. c: