Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Friday

I got this pin in the mail today! I won it on Dommie's blog. If you can't see the detail, it has one of Mark Ryden's paintings on it, Rose. It's probably one of my favorite of all his paintings.
I took these awesome looking pictures here.

I was cleaning out some of my old metal lunch pails (I have a small collection) and I found a bunch of these:

I remember when these used to be "in" like in the 90s. I can't believe I still have them but come to think of it, I still like some of them, like the green one in the middle and I might just start wearing it again.
Does anybody else have any issues being distracted? I've been trying to write a 3 page paper since yesterday and today I'm only on page 2. I guess I would just rather be doing something else than homework. I guess I should be getting back to that. BOOOO! Have a great weekend everyone!

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