Friday, July 9, 2010

Road Trip Recap

I finished sorting through my road trip pictures that do not include the ones on my friends' cameras. It was so much fun and i'm glad I went. I made a play list specifically for the trip and here are a few of my top songs. The first and second songs I cannot get enough of right now. I love it when songs can change your mood completely and these songs make me happy.

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I hope you like these songs as well.
Ok, so here we go....

Our drive went straight from Los Angeles to Eugene, Oregon where we stayed at a friend's house. The next morning we began driving along the coast and it was amazing. I took the picture above because I saw this repeated a few times. Does anyone know why they leave a single giant tree where all the others were chopped down? I just thought it was strange.

Our first stop was the Sea Lion Caves. It was interesting and smelly.

This was setup on a self timer. Yay that's me on the left. When you're the main "picture taker" you realize that you hardly show up on anything. I just wanted proof that I was actually there :)

Our next stop was the Tillamook Cheese factory where we tasted some cheese and got ice cream.

Looking at this picture I realize how dumb it is to have a human face on a cow :|
After that, we headed to Astoria where of course had to find the Goonies House. It was a mission to find it I tell ya. There was construction going on that was blocking streets but we made it.

We were also told that if we were up here, we had to see the Astoria Column. It was a gift from the French. That is all I know about it. I also know it was really amazing to look at.

Yeah, it's REALLY tall even though you can't tell from here. And this is the view from there.

From Astoria we drove straight to Portland where we stayed at a lovely Comfort Inn. I've never been to one so I was amazed that we got to make our own waffles! I was excited beyond words. The first place I wanted to go to in Portland was Voodoo Doughnut. I have heard great things about it and they didn't disappoint.

Isn't the voodoo doughnut cute? And this was my doughnut, it's called "old dirty bastard" and had crushed Oreo cookies and peanut butter. It was sooo good!

We didn't do much else in Portland so we then headed to Seattle. I had made plans that night for us to go see a burlesque show because my friends had never seen one before. I was glad to know that they enjoyed the show. The next morning was spent walking around downtown and then went to see the Space Needle.

And this is where my proof of my being there is gone. I swear I went.

Oh wait, there I am in the center with the camera in my face.

Pretty view from the top.
After seeing the sights, we went to Pier 57 where my friend Rosa wanted to eat crab. I'm not a big fan so I got fish and chips.

But she was pretty happy with what she got.
That night we headed to Vancouver, B.C. and stayed at a lovely hotel there. Although we had no trouble with the currency situation, I have one question for Canadians or anyone else who might know; we passed by gas stations and could not tell how much gas was. The sign would show 118.1 and was clueless as to what it meant. We googled and that was no help. We did everything but actually go into the gas station and ask. We ended up having enough gas to take us back into Washington and fill up there.
Our day in Vancouver was spent visiting the Capilano Suspension Bridge.

It was amazing! Not scary at all and it was very beautiful. After the bridge we went to Gastown and got some souvenirs.

The Canadian/U.S border is so pretty. I'm used to seeing more of the Southern border which looks like the opposite of this.

After much discussion and debate, we decided to save the money we would have spent sleeping in a hotel for a few hours in Medford, OR and drive straight from Vancouver to Gilroy, CA. Yes, we drove 16 hours straight- taking shifts of course so about 6 hours each at the wheel.
Our last destination was at Rosa's cousin's house. I didn't know anything about Gilroy but that day I learned a lot about wine. Yes, they have lots of wineries there so why not go wine tasting?

That day was 4th of July so we spent it watching fireworks. It was the perfect ending to our trip as the next day we headed home.
I hope this post didn't bore you but I just wanted to share.

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