Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Love the Flea...

Market, that is. I went to the one in my neck of the woods for the first time. I've been wanting to go to the one in Hollywood but I'm never in town when they have it.

I got a little ahead of myself when I got there and spent all my monies right away. Here are some things I wish I had room for.

And here are just a few interesting things I saw.

And here are some pretties I came home with...

I had to get the spoon and fork. My mom has a Minnie Mouse spoon from our childhood.

And these pretty Pyrex (thread not included)

I also found this beauty. Now I can make my own TTV images.

I got these two salt & pepper shakers.

And these vintage rings.

There was also a stand selling t-shirts. I got these two. I thought it was appropriate since my boyfriend works for Disney.

And I also went to buy fabric for the RVA tutorials. I'm going to make my owl out of the wool fabric at the bottom. I love Sundays!


  1. 1) Your blogs music is pretty
    2) You have way better flea markets there!
    3) Go check my blog ;)


  2. I want to go, that camera is amazing!