Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I just started my new class for the session but I should soon be receiving my magazine from my last class. Our class was split into two groups and we had to put together a full magazine with images from our picture stories we did. I think the end result came out amazing. We printed it via Blurb and you can see or purchase our magazine here. We named it Bare because we wanted a very simple, clean layout. Unfortunately, Blurb only gives you a preview of the first 15 pages and my story is the last one.
Here is our front cover:

I will try to get a hold of my files so I can post them up and show you what my layout looks like.
On another note, today was my first day of my new class. I know it has something to do with multimedia, but I'm still not clear about what we have to do. We get to put stuff together in DVD Studio Pro but I guess because this is the first time we are given this much creative freedom, we're not sure what to do with it. It's sad but it's almost like we have to have some sort of rules or boundries on our assignment, which can be a bad thing when you're in the Visual Journalism program, it's very tech-heavy. I'm excited nonetheless because we have to keep a journal and pretty much do anything we want with it. And on a sad note, I'm also taking Economics and Finance...BACK TO BACK! WITH THE SAME TEACHER! Boo for me but that's what I get for putting off my G.E.'s for later.

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