Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"I Adore..." Tuesday

My week has been pretty good so far. I'm working on a wedding album for the couple whose wedding I shot. I'm making it through Blurb and I'm so excited. My classmates and I made a magazine with them before and the quality is professional grade. I also picked up some new yarn from Bernat. Their chunky twisted yarn is so beautiful, I'm really excited to start making baby blankets with it.
Here are 5 things that I'm adoring lately  and I hope you do too.
Isn't this photo amazing? I love everything about it.
 I'm also really excited to try this pattern. Hmmmm, I'm thinking X-Mas presents this year. (Heidy, pretend you didn't read this) You can find instruction from the Purl Bee.
I'm feeling a change coming soon, a frame change. These frames are pretty awesome, aren't they?

 Now I know not very many people like Crocs and neither did I until I started wearing their slip ons--not the tacky clog looking ones, these kind of look like Sanuks.  Anywho, since then I haven't been able to where any other shoes, even though I had to, they don't go with dresses. I began looking on their website to find different styles, tell me these aren't cute.

And I'm loving this bedroom. I can't wait until I have a decent sized bedroom for me to decorate.
(found via design is mine)
Hope your Tuesday is an inspiring one.

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