Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The wedding I shot this weekend went pretty well and it was actually fun. It was a simple and beautiful ceremony, I'll have to post pictures as soon as I finish editing them. The couple to be wed were so laid back so I wasn't nervous in the least bit.
I decided to start a new blog regimen to keep me going as a steady blogger. It's going to start on Monday and this is what the schedule will look like:

Monday- Motel Polaroid Mondays
Tuesday- "I adore..." Tuesdays
Wednesday- Wishlist Wednesdays
Friday- Feature Fridays

The rest of the days will be free days for anything. This should get me back into the swing of things. I'm especially excited about Mondays and soon you'll see why.


  1. o o! Can't wait to see the pictures :) Happy first day of Fall!