Monday, May 10, 2010

The Craft Room...

I finished rearranging my craft room and I'm only half happy with it. As soon as I finish school, which will be at the end of August, I'll be moving out so I'm not really going all out with decorating much as I really want to. Since the living room/dining room is out of commission and probably will be till I move out, I decided to bring in the dining table for a bigger workspace. So here is a peek at my little space...for now :(

I scored another typewriter for $5!

My favorite part of my little space. I love owls. And yarn. And thread. And Fall :)

These are 2 dresses I want to work on since it's getting warmer. I'm thinking of shortening the patterned dress and get rid of the puffy sleeves.

Working on journaling right now. I love it so much now since I started taking Rachel and Elsie's Journal class.

I'm currently drinking this, which is Malt-o-meal but I added sugar, cinnamon and evaporated milk. My mom used to make it when we were kids and it was sooo good. Especially if you dipped your toast in it. Mine came out more liquidy than I wanted so I'm drinking it instead. I'm hoping to get my shop updated with a few things tonight so I better get to work on that. I post as soon as everything is up.
EDITED: I've listed some items in my shop and even added one of my favorite prints. My goal is to have more items up this week.


  1. you have a VERY enviable space. currently all i have is a desk & some closet space to keep my's a pretty big desk but it's definitely not an entire room. i cannot wait for the day that i own a house with my boyfriend or we have a big enough rental space with a room just for me :)
    we're in a loft right now, all open it's a little hard to get messy & crafty

  2. Thank you. I feel the same way. After I graduate I'm moving in with my boyfriend who has a 1 bedroom apartment but I think he's looking into renting a house. (fingers crossed) If not, I don't know where my crafty stuff is going to go.