Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Night Inspiration

I'm currently packing and trying to get some homework done before I leave for Texas tomorrow. Me and my boy will be driving 12 hours to El Paso to see my mom for Thanksgiving. I'm pretty sure I won't have Internet access there which is not good for checking emails and such. I'll leave you with some inspiration from WEheartIT. I just saw a link to the website and it is truly awesome. Hope you enjoy it! And have a very happy Thanksgiving!


  1. omgg!
    i live in el paso :)
    i read it
    and i was like what?!
    someone knows about el paso?!
    well hope u have fun.
    and happy thanksgiving!!

  2. Oh yay! That's so awesome! My friend is also from El Paso and also went there for Thanksgiving. It's always exciting to find out how close people live.