Saturday, November 21, 2009

Crafty Weekend

Here are a few completed Granny Square clutches from Rachel and Elsie's Autumn class. These are going to be gifts for the special gals in my life.

I think I've mentioned before that since I learned to crochet, I haven't been able to stop. After a while, I got tired of making granny squares and decided to try scarves. After a looking at a few videos on youtube, I couldn't find anything useful so I kind of tried my own way.

And this is what I came up with. I was trying to do the chunky scarf thing and I think they came out ok. These are also going to be X-Mas gifts for friends and family.
I'm hoping this weekend is a very productive and creative weekend. I have to shoot fruit for my stock photography class and only have a couple of good ideas. I don't know, sometimes the creativity comes out of me at the last minute. Yesterday I was able to write 2 papers for class in under 2 hours. Yay me! Only one more paper to go but there's no pressure there. I just know I won't do my homework when I'm away for Thanksgiving.

Is your X-mas also going to be a handmade Christmas? If so, What are your ideas?
I'll post more pictures when I get more gifts done.

In the meantime, I'm soooooo excited for this:

Signups begin Monday. I can't wait for all the inspiration goodness!
Happy Weekend Everyone!


  1. Wow! Great scarves and clutches. You a very good crocheter. It's nice to meet another creative person. My Christmas will also be a handmade one thanks to Etsy. I'm mostly getting hand screenprinted t-shirts and a few Christmas tree ornaments.

  2. M.M.E.,
    Thanks, I'm still a beginner but will continue to learn new stitches.