Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 Simple Goals

I've decided to join in on Elsie's 4 Simple Goals challenge. I think this is just what I need to start knocking things out on my to do list for the longer term. Here are the guidelines. I'm usually supposed to pick a reward after completing these goals but some might be a reward in itself. Here are my goals:

My hair has gotten ridiculously long, almost to my butt and that's only because I'm really bad at making hair appointments. Hopefully I can get this done next week.
I think getting my hair done is a reward itself because I always feel shiny and new when I get my hair washed and cut.

2. Take more pictures.


I usually have a camera with me now everywhere I go ever since there has been times where I kicked myself for not having one. I really want to start documenting places that I see and visit and also experiment with different photography mediums.
I really don't need a reward for this one, I love taking pictures so this will be more of a learning experience.

3. Ride my bike more.
I've been wanting to exercise more and eat healthy. I'm staring to get the latter down now I just need to dust off my bike and use it. I'm a bridesmaid for my best friend's wedding in June 2011 so that will be my motivation to start.

I believe the end result from this is reward enough but maybe I can buy myself a new dress for extra motivation :)

4. Blog more.
I've been thinking of ways to improve this and I have come up with some ideas that will help me to post more on both blogs. One of them is a project and I'm really excited about it. As soon as I'm settled in to my new place, I will put this into practice.

My reward for this goal will be a trip to a few thrift stores. I haven't gone in a while and the itch has come back.

Do you have goals you wish to accomplish?


  1. i posted my goals on my blog a bit ago. i can't believe one of your goals is to cut your hair, whereas here i am sitting here with extensions in because my hair just isn't quite as long as i want it to be! the extensions only add about 4 more inches haha but still!! long beautiful hair...then again, to each his (or her) own and i'm sure you will look gorgeous either way. plus, down to your butt is a REALLY long! are you still planning on keeping the length or cutting it REALLY short??

  2. I like my hair but it's gotten to the point where it gets tangled all the time and because I'm the type of person who's a low maintenance person when it comes to hair, it's just been hard to maintain. I'm probably cutting it to my shoulders but nothing above that. I was planning on donating my hair to Locks of Love so I won't feel that bad when I cut it.