Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Oh Rainy Days

Today is the first time it has rained in my town since June and I love it! There's just something about the rain that makes me feel warm and cozy no matter where I am. I especially love it when when I'm home under the covers with some hot chocolate and watching old black and white movies. What do you like to do when it rains?
I also recently have an obsession with woodgrain. I want to use it for everything from my home to my crafts. Here are some things on Etsy that I found to be quite lovely.

Cute cuff links

I love this amazingly cute wristlet

And these creative cat toys

And I kinda really want one of these wood stump pin cushions

I love this ring

The ultimate table decoration

Very lovely painting found here.
Crossing my fingers for more rain tomorrow. :)


  1. if you love woodgrain, then you would love one of the notebooks i am working on for an etsy shop my cousin and i are opening. follow my blog if you are interested...we should be opening by the end of the month!!

  2. Oh, I'm already a serious follower of yours. Can't wait to see your shop.