Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bookmark Tutorial

Hi there. This is my first tutorial ever and I came up with it last night. Ever wonder what to do with those pesky subscription cards you find in magazines? I came up with the idea when I was looking at the subscription cards for JPG Magazine. They were so pretty that I didn't want to throw them away so I decided to make something out of them.

Here's what you'll need:
-hole punch
-clear packing tape or laminator
-contact paper
-yarn or ribbon
-stickers or embellishments
-ruler (not pictured)
-and of course, subscription cards

So the first thing you'll want to do is cut the subscription card in half and cover one half with the clear packaging tape on both sides or laminate it. Make sure to trim off the excess tape off.

The next thing you'll want to do is punch a hole at the top of your "bookmark"

then add yarn or ribbon

I braided my strands of yarn just so it won't fray.
Hmmmm, now what to do about the other half of the card?

I will cover the other half of the card with contact paper since there are no pretty images on this one. Trace the card on the back of the contact paper, twice. (For the front and back)

Now, looks like mine is a little crooked since I can't see where the card is in the middle but that's ok, that's what the next step is for.

I have an old picture cropper that I used to straighten out my bookmark but you can use a ruler and an exacto knife to cut a straight line.
Next, you punch a hole at the top and repeat as with the first bookmark (I added ribbon this time), and embellish with stickers or paint, pretty much anything you want. I used Elsie's Neverland stickers because they are sooo cute. I bought them from her RVA store. I'm not sure if they are still in stock, if not there are plenty more cute things you can buy there.

Tadaaa! Handmade recycled bookmarks. Hope you have fun creating and coming up with your twist on the bookmark.

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